USU License Management

We will help you manage the licenses assigned to all software in your organization's network to ensure software license compliance.

Based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL, the USU SmartTrack Software Asset Management tool is an IT asset management software providing a Software Asset Management Repository and Software Life cycle management capabilities.

Life with SAP is challenging...

So it’s important to know what’s possible in the relationship. With tangled license types and tricky license metrics, you must find your true SAP usage to get truly great savings.

You need to answer questions such as:
• Can you use a less expensive license type than Professional User?
• How do you ensure compliance with SAP’s required LAW measurement?
• How can indirect usage be monitored and correctly licensed?

USU License Management for SAP answers these burning questions and prepares you for an SAP license audit. The more you know about your SAP licenses, the more you get from your relationship with SAP.

Benefits of Software Assets Management

Saving money

We help organizations to save a large amount of money by reallocating or removing the already used software licenses and ensuring that damages that can occur because of non-compliance are detected in advance. We utilize USU SmartTrack as the Inventory management software tool to deliver these benefits covering.

Enhancing productivity

In addition to deploying and implementing the USU SmartTrack as an IT service management tool (ITSM), we provide user manuals, product support and reference materials along with the tool, therefore helping employees to be more productive as it becomes easy for the employees to learn about the usage of the tool.

Reducing chances of risks

With an Asset Management system such as USU SmartTrack, companies are able to effectively address their Microsoft asset management and compliance issues. Oracle License and Asset Management, IBM License and Asset Management, Azure rights license management and over 6,000 other applications can be managed significantly reducing compliance risks.

Provides secure environment

The USU SmartTrack IT asset management software ITSM discovers rogue software and prevents organizations from downloading or buying the software from any unauthorized websites, so the tool provides a secure environment to the organization.

Got questions?

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