The Market Challenge

SAP has been traditionally known as complex to implement, costly and taking a longer time for companies to realise value from their investments. SAP, however, is globally adjudged to be the best solution for and meeting most of the manufacturing industry requirements and challenges. Companies contemplating implementing an ERP usually have challenges making decisions to go for SAP because of the expected challenges above.

With Thamani’s “Pre-Packaged” SAP Solution for the Manufacturing Industry, Businesses benefit from:
• Significantly reduced cost of implementation
• Quicker implementation timeframe and faster time to value
• An SAP Manufacturing solution prebuilt with Thamani’s Manufacturing Industry experience
• SAP Solution with full leverage of SAP Industry Best Practices
• User friendly latest Fiori user experience
• Cloud hosted solution – No worries for hardware
• Pre bundled post implementation support services
• Managed Service offering where client is short staffed
• Consuming SAP as a Service, managing it as OPEX rather than CAPEX expenditure

With Thamani SAP S/4hana solution for the manufacturing industry (TSMI), Companies therefore derive the benefits of a “pre-built” fully integrated suite of solutions tailored to the manufacturing industry with significantly reduced cost of ownership while deriving maximum benefits from key functionalities provided by SAP.

Problems solved by TSMI

Manufacturing is a complex process, no matter the size of your operations. Maintaining shop floor control, allocating resources, and managing finances are all tasks that need to be completed daily to keep an operations running. As your operations grow, so do the responsibilities and the need to track activities, costs, and other details. We developed the Thamani SAP S/4hana solution for the manufacturing industry (TSMI) to enable companies easily make the transition.


Improved Product Costing and Variance Analysis – The Solution tracks Target production costs for each product and compares with actual production cost at the end of the production cycle.
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Improved Raw Materials Planning - Using MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) functionality. o Ensures optimal planning and availability of Raw Materials when required.
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Reduction of Missed Sales Opportunities o Better Management of Unfulfilled Demand – With the new customer product allocation feature in S4 Hana, customer requested quantity is matched against fulfilled quantity.
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Improved Transport Cost Management - Transparent tracking of transporter’s costs tied to deliveries / waybills making it possible. This in turn makes transport payment computations....
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Purchasing Approval Management - Minimised risk of unauthorized purchases with multi-level approval process. A 3 way match of “PO – Goods Receipt – Vendor Invoice”
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Improved Safety with the Permit to Work Functionality – Solution ensures All Maintenance jobs requiring permits are adequately planned and permits issued before jobs are executed.
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Sample Reports

* Order-to-Cash Performance
* Goods Movement Analysis – Displays goods movement in your organisation
* Supplier Performance – Displays purchasing spend against the supplier performance.
* Inventory Turnover Analysis - analyses the turnover of materials in a selected plant for which you are responsible.
* Production Cost Analysis - Production Cost Analysis report displays the overall and detailed production costs for manufacturing orders.

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