Software Asset Managment

Spend more time working and less time worrying about software compliance, software audits and effective software license management:

Navigate topics such as Discovery, software license management and negotiations effectively with a better understanding of your deployed enterprise software.

Our software asset management (SAM) consultants provide services across Africa.

Software purchases account for 20% of corporate expenditures. Yet the vast majority of companies today still seem to be in the dark when it comes to managing IT assets.

Companies that deploy Software Asset management solutions have potential to save at least 30% or more in annual software maintenance costs with an ultimate goal of reducing IT costs at the same time limiting operational, financial and legal risks related to the ownership and over usage of software licenses.

With a Software Asset Management Tool, companies have better answers to key topics such as Software License reharvesting, Device Discovery, single repository of Software Inventory, maintaining compliance, managing the next software audit with more accurate empirical data and many more.

Having a reliable Software Asset Management solution and Software Discovery Tool comes with many benefits. Through our partner alliance with USU Germany, providers of an Award Winning Software Asset Management Solution recognized by Gartner, we help our clients save money and manage their Software Licenses better using effective management tools. Amongst other functionalities, the USU SmartTrack Software License Management tool provides Digital asset management software capabilities, Microsoft asset management, Microsoft license management, Oracle License management and may functionalities.

Clients benefit from:
1. Ability to discover Rogue Software Installations
- Better understanding of their current Software License Deployments
- Improved Software License Compliance
- Improved Software License Optimization
- Improved Software Contract Management
- Single, integrated view of installed software inventory

2. Accurate Software Usage Tracking
- Reliable Information to reharverst unutilized licenses
- Improved ability to track Software License Expirations avoiding Business Disruption

3. Adequate preparation for Software License Audits

4. Avoiding Penalties - By accurately tracking Software License Deployments, Usage and Purchases
- Ability to simulate & optimize Software Installations for best Savings.

Specifically, with the USU Software License and Asset Management solution, we offer the following services:
- Software Discovery on devices
- Adobe Software License Management
- Microsoft Software License Management
- Microsoft Cloud Azure and Cloud Licensing
- IBM Software License Management
- Oracle Software License Management
- Oracle Software Audits
- SAP Software License Management
- VMWare Software License Management

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