SAP Implementation for Companies

SAP Project Scoping, Estimation and Planning

We provide Project Scoping and Estimation for companies planning a SAP ERP implementation and wanting to know the key planning requirements, pre requisites as well as the SAP ERP implementation costs.

Good and successful SAP Projects begin with proper planning for time, resources, organizational changes, cost estimates and many more.

This means taking into consideration the complexities of the SAP ERP Solution and not underestimating anything. SAP and indeed ERP project are usually highly resource intensive. To ensure money is well spent and optimally channeled, having an ERP scoping and estimation initiative becomes essential. Producing useful and accurate project effort estimates is key to eventually deriving benefits from the ERP implementation. With our Project Scoping and Estimation Services, client derive benefits such as:

• Clarity of expectations and level of organization preparedness required for a successful project
• Clear definition of the SAP Process, Technical, Organization, Data, Interface and other Implementation scope
• Clear view of implementation plans, timelines and release plans
• Resource requirement estimations and costs

We use the ERP Service Estimation Method which is designed specifically for facilitating effort estimations of ERP Services. The ERP-SEM method includes tactics and lessons learned and designed to decrease participation or memory bias while improving estimation accurateness.

Customer requirement elicitation

Here we elicit and document your requirements.

Scope formulation

This resembles the business blue print phase used in the industry for SAP projects. We elicit and prioritized requirements at this stage and use that as the basis for estimation and the solution road map.


We use the top down effort estimation approach initially followed by a bottom up approach to estimate the cost of deployment


Here, we review and revalidate our initial report and findings detailing the recommended project scope, roadmap, effort estimates, protect team structure, potential organisational implications and impacts, key recommendations for management, cost expectations amongst other things.

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