Optimization and Simulation

By utilizing SmartTrack’s advanced simulation & optimization tool, companies reach a higher stage in software asset management maturity; becoming proactive rather than reactive with costs & compliance.

Oracle Optimization

A big challenge with Oracle is calculating the license variations such as processor metrics, core factors, and virtualization configurations. The USU SAM Solution knows every rule. We analyse complex situations and run detailed calculations for core factors and virtualization dependencies giving you an insight into exactly which licenses you need to optimize even the largest, most complex Oracle ecosystems.

This ensures you pay the lowest price for your Oracle software licensing. The dedicated solution uses Oracle-verified discovery data to deliver a thorough analysis with accurate details and smart reporting.

The solution gives valuable insights that help you know the details of your Oracle contracts and maintenance costs, and confidently prepare for audits and reviews.

Optimization for SAP

Optimize SAP licensing at your company
With SAP, each new day brings new changes in the SAP licensing estate as your company constantly reconfigures its large network of systems and user accounts. Optimization for SAP® cost-effectively manages your user and SaaS licenses and ensure you stay SAP compliant.

Optimization for SAP® license rules gives your SAP basis administrator the tools needed to determine individual license usage values for each SAP engine or package. The solution also lets your company simulate a migration to S/4HANA in terms of necessary licenses.

The Solution covers the different methods that SAP uses for license measurements such as analysis of user rights and assigned user types, Indirect usage, Engine metrics

With the Aspera USU License for SAP, the Solution helps you:
• Determine how many SAP Professional Use, SAP Functional Use, and SAP Productivity Use licenses you actually need
• Automatically allocate the least expensive S/4HANA licenses in a product conversion to avoid pricey over-licensing
• Uncover all cost-saving potential in your current SAP environment for purchasing S/4HANA licenses

ITAM Review has independently certified USU Optimization for SAP, verifying the solution meets the biggest challenges your company might face with SAP licensing. This includes ensuring compliance, optimizing licenses, identifying indirect access, and cost-effectively migrating to S/4HANA.

SaaS Optimization

Use the solution USU to gain maximum transparency and a better negotiating position with providers. SaaS Optimization gives you a complete overview of your SaaS environment and features so you can optimize subscription contracts automatically and permanently. Reliable, relevant data is accessed directly from SaaS services, such as Microsoft Office 365; Salesforce Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud; ServiceNow; Adobe Creative Cloud; and hundreds more.

This is then processed, aligned with company data, and made available for evaluation and integration into other processes.

The solution supports you in gaining detailed insight into data and managing all your major SaaS providers on a single platform.

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