Improved Raw Materials Planning - Using MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) functionality.
o Ensures optimal planning and availability of Raw Materials when required.
o Ensures minimal wastage of Raw Materials freeing up cash and warehousing space

Improved Demand driven Production Planning improving accuracy of “Promises” and making goods available to customers “As Promised”
o Improved ability to accurately plan customer order / deliveries in line with dates promised without failure
o Improved handshake between the Sales and Production teams leading to better planning and availability of Finished goods
o Improved ability to meet customer contractual commitments through combination of sales demand, raw materials requirement, and production planning.

Dynamic Production Planning – Automatic recalculation and reallocation of “Production and Delivery Plans” where customers make changes to their delivery or order schedule.

Improved ability to harness market opportunities – With Demand based and improved raw materials requirement and production planning, less market opportunities are lost to competition as demands are more easily fulfilled.

Capacity Utilisation and Cost Control
o Improved visibility into your shop floor activities and ability to identify production bottlenecks with a view to improving capacity underutilization.
o Clearer breakdown of production into multiple levels for better visibility in terms of activity costs and goods receipts.