Thamani helps manufacturers leverage SAP software to gain visibility into their operations and asset performance.

Using SAP software, we have helped manufacturers increase uptime, narrow process variability, control maintenance costs, react more quickly to process up-sets, and satisfy customers more consistently.
Thamani’s SAP manufacturing solution is pre-built and modeled after the best-in-class processes adopted by world class manufacturing organisations and gets you up and running quickly with a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership.

The Thamani SAP manufacturing solution tightly integrates the procurement, production, and sales functions. This ensures the timely availability of raw materials and other components to align with forecasted customer demand hence translating to huge savings in manual effort and unused inventory cost. Additionally, the almost ready-to-deploy solution enables you to:

• Manage and control manufacturing operations at all levels.
• Produce compliant products and managing quality across the entire product lifecycle.
• Optimize inventory and the effective flow of materials.
• Generate quality production and replenishment plans.
• Improve and optimize production and operational costs.
• Maintain environmental, health and safety, and compliance standards.

With these, your organization would have the ability to manage operations more effectively, improve asset utilization and plant performance, achieve higher product consistency and quality, lower costs and increase profits, deliver goods on time more reliably, and satisfy your customers more consistently.

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