Improved Product Costing and Variance Analysis – The Solution tracks Target production costs for each product and compares with actual production cost at the end of the production cycle. The Material Ledger functionality allows the ability to drill down to the complete effect of changes such as Material price and exchange rate fluctuations during the production month.

More efficient closing process - The S4HANA Closing Cockpit enables an efficient closing process providing complete visibility on each close activity, person responsible as well as expected due date for each closing activity.

Improved Receivables Management – The solution provides a dynamic suite of credit control and management features for customers. In combination with the SAP Dunning functionality, customers can be automatically sent reminders on overdue and outstanding payments reducing significant manual effort

Billing Accuracy - Improved Billing accuracy with Customer Invoices based on Proof of Delivery when this is required

Improved Budget Checks and Cost Control – The Budget check functionality prompts transaction processors where budget is exceeded for better cost management on an online, real time basis.

Double Payments – The combination of the Invoice verification / the 3 way matching functionality of the Solution ensures double payments are not made to a vendor for a duplicated invoice or the same goods / services already paid for.

Reporting - The S4HANA Fiori interface is delivered with Analytics tool that provides standard reports such as Top 10 customers with highest receivables, Top 10 Vendors with highest payable and many more.