Downstream Oil & Gas

As many downstream companies start growing, often opening new fuel stations, and increasing their fleets, they start dealing with a new level of operational management challenges—often not supported by their existing IT systems. Given their size and the vast resources required to operate in the market, managers tend to believe that their companies would not be able to afford an implementation of a fully-fledged enterprise management system like SAP.
Thamani has packaged its SAP implementation experience with downstream oil and gas companies into a pre-built SAP S/4 HANA solution—enabling our highly professional teams to complete typical projects at an exceptionally fast pace and lower cost. Thamani’s oil and gas downstream solution includes pre-configured business processes based on industry best-practices and offers functionalities for the efficient management and automation of the entire process chain for trading hydrocarbon products. The solution supports all fuels, lubricants, and gas-related business processes: wholesale, resale, industrial, consumer and service station.

Thamani’s SAP S/4HANA oil and gas downstream solution tightly integrates all processes in the SAP system – from demand forecasting and replenishment through sales and scheduling to automatic confirmation and posting of data and provides the following key capabilities:

• Fuel inventory management, replenishment, and daily lessee settlement for service stations.
• Automated order management and logistics from supplying terminals to end consumer, forecast and replenishment of tanks and truck scheduling and dispatch with route optimization.
• Easily access up-to-date inventory and physical tank data for better logistics and financial execution.
• Improved productivity through process integration, for stronger financial results.

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